Your question: Who dies in the boy next door?

Did Garrett die in The Boy Next Door?

Garrett gets himself loose and wraps the rope on his wrists around Noah’s throat. Noah gets his gun and shoots Garrett once in the chest. Claire takes Kevin’s epipen and jabs Noah’s eye. She tries to go back and untie Kevin, but Noah continues to fight her.

What happens at the end of Boy Next Door movie?

Noah kills Vicky and she comes home to find Vicky’s dead body. Noah also kidnaps Garett and Kevin in a barn close-by. After a violent sequence, Claire kills Noah and saves her family. Garett is shot by Noah and the last scene wraps with she and Kevin taking him to the hospital.

How old were the actors in the boy next door?

IMDb Rating: 6.2

Actor Age then Age now
Maxwell Caulfield 26 61
Charlie Sheen 20 55
Patti D’Arbanville 34 70
Christopher McDonald 30 66
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