Your question: Does eternal lockpick carry over p5r?

How do I get eternal lockpick p5r?

To make an Eternal Lockpick, you’ll need 20 Aluminum Sheets and 10 Liquid Mercury. You can obtain both items from the Shadows in Futaba’s Palace when it opens on 7/26. Some of the items can also be obtained in Okumura Palace.

Is Eternal lockpick worth?

Pretty sure there have always been chests that require lockpicks in Mementos. That said, unless you get the materials naturally it’s probably not really worth going out of your way for the Eternal Lockpick. It’s nice to have, but not necessary.

How do you get the eternal lockpick in Persona 5?

You basically need to farm Anubis enemies on floor 10 and 11 of the Akzeriyyuth area. Keep defeating them, and eventually you will have enough for the Eternal Lockpick.

What is the eternal lockpick?

Eternal Lockpick unlocks locked Treasure Chests. It can be used an endless amount of times, as it is not consumed upon use.

Which enemies drop liquid mercury?

There are only a few enemies that have the potential to drop Liquid Mercury: Anubis, Decarabia, Ganesha, and Garuda.

How many Lockpicks do you need for madarame Palace?

Amount of Lockpicks You’ll Need for Each Palace

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Palace Number of Lockpicks to Bring
Madarame Palace 4
Kaneshiro Palace 3
Futaba’s Palace 3
Okumura’s Palace 3

Where can I buy aluminum p5r?

20 Aluminum Sheets: Players can find Aluminum Sheets by battling Anzu (Futaba’s Palace and the Path of Akzeriyyuth) and Ganesha (Okumura’a Palace Barracks Area).

Does your level carry over in Persona 5 Royal?

Your high scores and rewards gained from the Velvet Room challenge battles will carry over into New Game + in Persona 5 Royal. All stamps that you’ve collected in Mementos will carry over to New Game + in Persona 5 Royal.