You asked: Which is the most usual variety of door and consists of a framework in which panels are fitted?

Which consists of a group of member which form a support for a door or window?

1. ________ consists of a group of member which form a support for a door or window. Explanation: Whereas, the lowermost or bottom horizontal part of a window frame is known as the Sills.

Which of the structure is made just over the doors window opening?

A lintel is a beam placed across openings like doors, windows etc. in buildings to support the load from the structure above. Windows and doors are not made to be structural members of the home. When an opening is made in a home, there is a concentrated load above the doorway or window opening that must be supported.

Is the uppermost horizontal part of a frame?

A head is the top horizontal part of a frame.

What is the length of horn projection provided in the doors?

It is a horizontal projection of the top and bottom member of the frame to enable the fixing of the frame in the wall opening. The length of the horn in door is kept about 10 to 15cm.

Which door swings both ways?

Explanation: Rotating or revolving door has several wings which are hinged at the middle. It opens in both directions and allows more number of people through it. Explanation: Awning window is hinged on the top and it swings outwards.

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Is a lintel required?

Lintels are required for all openings over timber frames greater than 600mm in width, & for all openings over steel frames greater than 900mm.

What are the horizontal members of a door panel called?

They are attached to the wood members lining the rough opening. Vertical frame members are called ‘side jambs’; the top, horizontal piece is the ‘head jamb’; the bottom, horizontal piece is the ‘sill‘.

What is not included in building codes?

Which of these is not included in building codes?

  • Safety.
  • Structural integrity.
  • Mechanical integrity.
  • Employment.