You asked: What type of glass is used in frameless shower doors?

How thick should frameless shower glass be?

There are typically two thickness options for frameless shower door glass: 3/8″ and 1/2″. 3/8″ glass is the minimum thickness that will provide the necessary stability and soundness of the glass door.

Why is toughened glass used in shower cubicles?

For Building Regulations and for general safety to human beings, shower doors should be Tempered or Toughened. This process will strengthen the glass and if the glass were to unfortunately break, the glass would shatter into small ice-cube shaped pieces. Although they can cut you, generally it’s not life-threatening.

Is rain glass more expensive than clear glass?

What’s the cost of rain glass vs. clear glass? Rain glass typically costs $125 to $200 more than clear glass. It’s a popular choice for shower remodels because it offers privacy and hides stains.

Do frameless glass showers leak?

Frameless shower doors do not “leak”. Although there are very small gaps in the hinges and on the sides of the door, it is highly unlikely water will pass though these gaps unless water pressure is directly pointed at these seams. This is not recommended nor covered under warranty.

Is frameless shower glass safe?

Yes, they do agree that frameless shower enclosures may break, crack or shatter with use. However, the risk is actually not higher than the risk on any other glass door. This means that any glass door may break, and pose the risk of ending up with glass shards that may hurt your feet.

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