You asked: How do you lock the master bedroom door at a house party?

What did Derek do with the keys in house party?

Not sure if this is a bug or intended. But when doing the art piece quest for Madison, Derek takes keys from your inventory. Once he has the keys, you can’t lock the door with Madison if you decide to choose her over Derek.

How do you get Ashley in the house party?

You have to go to the bathroom in the first floor of the house, near the kitchen. And find the Towel in the sink. You need to get it and give it to Ashley. This will complete the quest “Ashley’s Wet”.

How do I get rid of Frank house party?

On the way up, lock all bathroom door’s using the key in the garage. Spike rum with laxative. She will eventually go to the garden, and will want to use the bathroom. As all doors are locked, Frank will charge at the door and pass out.

How do you find a snake in the house party?

Once Ashley leaves the room, unlatch the terrarium with the snake and then head outside. Wait a minute or two until you hear a shocked sound and Ashley will approach you. Talk to Leah and tell her that there’s a security threat. Then tell her that there’s a snake on the loose.

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How do I get condoms from Frank house party?

Tell Derek you are attracted to Frank

Allow him to direct you, and he will then lead you to the sideyard and perform fellacio on you. After you climax, he will give you the condom.

How do I make my house party lighter?

If the Joint is offered to Ashley, she will now ask for a light. You now need to light the Joint for her. This is done at the Fire Pit in the Backyard: Use the Joint with the Fire Pit to create Lit Joint. You can now give the Lit Joint to Ashley (Opportunity The Candyman Can!