You asked: How close can an outlet be to a door?

How close can an electrical outlet be to a window?

When deciding whether a receptacle can be installed under a window, you need to measure the height of the electrical box from the finished floor. The general rule is that outlets must be 15 to 48 inches from the floor.

Is it against code to have an outlet in a closet?

There is no prohibition for installing a receptacle in a closet in the NEC. In fact it is very common to see receptacles installed in closets for cellphone chargers ect.

What is code height for electrical outlets?

Electrical receptacle outlets on branch circuits of 30 amperes or less and communication system receptacles shall be located no more than 48 inches (1219 mm) measured from the top of the receptacle outlet box nor less than 15 inches (381 mm) measured from the bottom of the receptacle outlet box to the level of the …

Do you have to have an outlet on every wall?

The US National Electrical Code, Section 210.52, states that there should be an electrical outlet in every kitchen, bedroom, living room, family room, and any other room that has dedicated living space. They must be positioned at least every six feet measured along the floor line.

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Where should outlets be placed in a room?

It is recommended to place an outlet in all four corners of the living room in addition to an outlet in the middle of each wall. Follow those recommendations, and there will be plenty of power for entertainment centers, extra lighting, and places to connect devices.

How many outlets do you need in a room?

By today’s standards, a bedroom should have one outlet for each 12 feet of wall and at least one outlet on each wall. This may be an older building that predates current electrical standards. However, numerous extension cords create a fire hazard.

What size wall requires a receptacle?

If the space is 2 feet (600 mm) or more in width, then it is considered wall space, and consequently a receptacle outlet is required. For example, two bedrooms located in a dwelling unit are almost identical.

Is a receptacle required on a 3 ft wall?

Therefore, at least one receptacle must be installed within three feet (900 mm) of the outside edge of each basin (sink or lavatory). The required receptacle must be installed on a wall or partition adjacent to the basin or basin countertop.

How much does it cost to add an outlet to a closet?

Most homeowners spend between $148 to $200 nationally. Get free estimates from local contractors who can Install an Outlet.

$148. to. $200.

National Average Cost $193
Maximum Cost $475
Average Range $148 to $200