Why is it forbidden to lock doors or turn off the speakers which are a part of every dwelling?

Why don’t they lock doors in The Giver?

Jonas is told that the door is kept locked because The Giver is an important man and needs his privacy so he won’t be interrupted. The room itself is similar to Jonas’s house, but more ornate and decorative. … Jonas is shocked when he sees that the speaker in The Giver’s dwelling has an off button.

Why do you think the community has a rule against locking doors What reasons might the receiver The Giver have for locking his door besides the one the attendant gives Jonas?

Why might lying be allowed for all members of the community after becoming twelves? They do not want locked doors so that people do not have secrets or anything to hide. The Receiver can lock his because no one is supposed to hear or see the memories of the past.

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Who can turn off the speaker in the annex in The Giver?

Interestingly, the only person who has the ability to turn off the Speaker is the Giver in his Annex. The speaker’s job in Jonas’s community is a combination of enforcement and announcements.

What did Jonas notice about the door?

Although doors in the community are never locked, Jonas notices that the door leading to the Receiver’s room is. Noticing Jonas’s discomfort, the Attendant politely reassures him that it is to give the Receiver privacy.

Why does the giver look much older than he actually is?

The giver looks older than he is because his job is emotionally draining. When he rides on a sled, “the experience explained itself to him,” and he does not want the exhilarating ride to end. After the experiences of cold and sledding, Jonas feels warmth on his face from “far above.” 10.

Does the giver believe Jonas’s teachers are smart?

The Giver believes that Jonas’s teachers are not smart. The Giver plans to leave the community to find Elsewhere after he helps the people with the memories. The giver shared his memories of “hearing beyond” with Jonas before he leaves.

What did Jonas realize when he read the final rule?

Jonas fully understands the importance of precise language and honesty in his community and is astonished to read the final rule, which gives him the permission to lie.

What do you think it means to live in a place where no doors are never locked?

It could mean you live in a society where everyone is so trustworthy and decent that locks aren’t needed. This is more of an imaginary place, as people are people, and there’s always theft, jealousy, anger, manipulation and violence of some kind or another in every community.

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Why does the giver have all the memories instead of community?

In Ch. 14 the Giver explains that Jonas and The Giver must hold all the memories because: … Even the Elders who make all of the decisions for the community do not have these communal memories. They depend on the Giver to advise them based on his memories of what has happened before.

Why did the chief elder apologize Why had she waited until the end?

The audience is concerned too—they are unused to disorder and mistakes. At the end of the Ceremony, the Chief Elder apologizes for causing the audience concern and causing Jonas anguish. She tells him that he has been selected for a very special position, that of Receiver of Memory.

Why did Lily’s mom say she should not want to be a birthmother in the giver?

Jonas’s father also mentions that Birthmothers never even get to see their children, which is an occupation left to the Nurturers. Overall, Lily’s mother does not want her daughter to become a Birthmother because she knows that after three years of being lazy, Lily will have a hard life as a Laborer.

Why did Jonas’s friend Asher get smacked when he was three?

Q. Why did Asher get smacked a lot when he was a three? He kept stealing apples from the Recreation Area. He kept saying “smack” instead of “snack.”