Who wrote Light My Fire the doors of Jose Feliciano?

Why did Jim Morrison hate Light My Fire?

Morrison allegedly indicated in his personal notebooks that he didn’t care for the song at all and absolutely hated performing it, something which was backed up when one unlucky fan requested the track during a fateful performance.

Why was light my fire slowed down?

It sounds too funny speeded up. Too many years of hearing the slowed down version. Sped up (at the right “recording” speed) it just sounds like a bar band doing it! They slowed it down and found the “groove” of the song.

Is light my fire a cover?

“Light My Fire” is a song by the American rock band the Doors. It was recorded in August 1966 and released in January 1967 on their eponymous debut album.

José Feliciano cover.

“Light My Fire”
B-side “California Dreamin'”
Released July 1968
Recorded 1968
Genre Folk rock Latin rock

What was the first Doors album?

Did the doors ever do a cover song?

Songs covered by The Doors

Song Play Count
Back Door Man (Willie Dixon cover) 154
Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) (Kurt Weill cover) 56
Close to You (Muddy Waters cover) 24
Good Rocking Tonight (Roy Brown cover) 19
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What album was Light My Fire on?

What key is Light My Fire in?

How many number one singles did the doors have?

The Doors became one of the most popular rock bands of their era. Their debut album, The Doors (1967), released by Elektra Records, charted at No. 2 on the US Billboard 200 and produced the group’s most successful single, “Light My Fire”.

The Doors discography
Singles 21
Soundtrack albums 2
Videos 24
Box sets 8

What are the doors known for?

the Doors, American band that, with a string of hits in the late 1960s and early ’70s, was the creative vehicle for singer Jim Morrison, one of rock music’s mythic figures. The members were Morrison (in full James Douglas Morrison; b.