Which item below is an example of the foot in the door technique?

What are the foot in the door and door in the face techniques?

In the foot-in-the-door (FITD) technique smaller requests are asked in order to gain compliance with larger requests, while door-in-the-face (DITF) works in the opposite direction, where larger requests are asked, with the expectation that it will be rejected, in order to gain compliance for smaller requests.

What is the foot in the door technique quizlet?

What is the ‘Foot-In-The-Door’ Technique? A compliance techniques whereby a small request is made followed up by a larger request.

What is the foot in the door technique How does self perception theory relate to this effect?

According to this explanation the foot-in-the-door is effective because: “compliance with a small request causes the subject to infer that he has a positive attitude toward cooperating with good causes; in turn, this positive attitude leads to compliance with the larger request” (Pliner, et al., 1974, p. 18).

What is the lowball technique?

Low-balling is a technique designed to gain compliance by making a very attractive initial offer to induce a person to accept the offer and then making the terms less favorable. Studies have shown that this approach is more successful than when the less favorable request is made directly.

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Which of the following is the best definition of the foot in the door technique?

The foot in the door technique is a compliance tactic that assumes agreeing to a small request increases the likelihood of agreeing to a second, larger request.

Which of the following is true regarding the foot in the door technique?

Which of the following is TRUE regarding the foot-in-the-door technique? People are more likely to agree to a second request after agreeing to an initial smaller request. An experiment done at a horse track measured bettors confidence that their horse would win.

What does Foot in Mouth mean?

Say something foolish, embarrassing, or tactless. For example, Jane put her foot in her mouth when she called him by her first husband’s name. This notion is sometimes put as having foot-in-mouth disease, as in He has a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease, always making some tactless remark.

What is social laziness?

Social loafing describes the tendency of individuals to put forth less effort when they are part of a group. Because all members of the group are pooling their effort to achieve a common goal, each member of the group contributes less than they would if they were individually responsible.

What is the pique technique?

The pique technique predicts requests for giving are more likely met with compliance when an unorthodox request amount is used in replace of a traditional request amount. Three studies were conducted to replicate the pique technique in two request contexts.

What is the meaning of foot in the door?

: to make the first step toward a goal by gaining entry into an organization, a career, etc. He took a job as a secretary to get his foot in the door.

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