Where does the light switch go on a French door?

Which side of the door does a light switch go on?

You should place all light switches on the latch side of a door, not the hinge side. This makes it easier to access the lights as you walk in or out of a room.

Where do you put a light switch?

Typically, these switches should be placed around four inches above the countertop. Usually, counters reach about 30 inches above the ground, meaning the switch should be placed around 40 inches above the floor. However, the specific height will vary from home to home.

Can a light switch be located behind a door?

There are no national laws on how far a light switch should be from a door frame. It’s recommended that a switch should be installed at least 8 inches from the frame to leave space for the switch plate.

How do door jamb switches work?

Typically, a jamb switch turns a light on when the door is opened and shuts the light off then the door is closed. It contains a small mechanical component that moves when the door does, opening and closing a circuit. Jamb switches are typically very small, as they need to fit in a compact space.

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Does a light switch need to be in the room?

At least one wall switch–controlled lighting outlet shall be installed in every habitable room and bathroom. Exception No. 1: In other than kitchens and bathrooms, one or more receptacles controlled by a wall switch shall be permitted in lieu of lighting outlets.

Why are light switches outside the room?

There’s a good answer: It’s to protect you. Electricity and water don’t mix. If a light switch is functional, it’s connected to a live wire. … In the UK, for example, regulations forbid electricians from placing light switches within 0.6 meters (2 feet) of a shower or bathtub.

Where should a light switch be placed in a bathroom?

For light switches, plate switches can be used on the inside of the bathroom, but these must be suitable for use in the bathroom, given the high levels of humidity and condensation. And they also must be at least 0.6m away from the bath or shower. A pull cord can be used instead, in any location in the bathroom.

Can I put a light switch in a closet?

Switch-controlled light and outlet is “best practice” for walk-in closets. Although the Code is not precise in its definition of a walk-in closet, best practice is to have a ceiling light fixture controlled by a wall switch located near the entrance to any closet that is 50 square feet or larger.

Which areas in a residence require a switch controlled lighting outlet?

Storage and equipment rooms — At least one lighting outlet that contains a switch or is controlled by a wall switch must be installed in attics, underfloor spaces, utility rooms, and basements used for storage or containing equipment that requires servicing.

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How close can an outlet be to a corner?

The National Electrical Code requires that you have an electrical outlet within 6 feet of the corner of the wall and at least 12 feet from the same wall. That’s the minimum requirement for living space.