Where can I buy Lockpicks in Bravil?

Where can I buy lockpicks in Chorrol?

Join the Theives Guild, and you can purchase lockpicks from Armand Christophe in the Imperial City Waterfront, or Ongar the World Weary in Bruma for the same price (but he can be bartered so you can get them cheaper). Also, join the Dark Brotherhood and the khajiit in the Cheryindal Sanctuary sells them.

Where can I buy lockpicks in Cyrodiil?

Shady Sam is a merchant who can be found day or night outside the Imperial City walls, northeast of the Chestnut Handy Stables. He sells poisons, potions, lockpicks, and is also one of two vendors who sell skooma in Cyrodiil.

Where can I buy lockpicks in Leyawiin?

Although if you’re Level 10 or higher I’d recommend the Skeleton Key; go North of Leyawiin and look for Nocturnal’s Shrine. Do the quests and you’ll end up with the unbreakable lockpick.

How do you get lockpicks?


  1. The Thieves Guild fence Tonilia carries around thirty picks for sale.
  2. The Khajiit Caravans usually have thirty or more picks for sale.
  3. Babette in the Dark Brotherhood usually sells between fifteen and twenty picks.
  4. General goods traders such as Belethor often carry five to ten picks.

Where can I buy lockpicks in Bruma?

Lockpicks can be bought from the Fences in the Thieves Guild or from the merchants in the Dark Brotherhood. Players who are not part of either faction but still rely on the Security skill will most easily obtain new lockpicks by raiding goblin or bandit mines.

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Where is the Redoran registry?

The House Redoran Registry is on a desk on the lowest level of the townhouse. It details important events with the House Guard, including the exile of Ulran Releth for “conduct unbecoming of a Redoran officer and noble” as well as Ashlander unrest around Balmora.

How often does Shady Sam get lockpicks?

He has 30 lockpicks to sell at a time; if all of them are purchased, they will reappear the next day.

Can I craft lockpicks in Skyrim?

Description. This mod allows the the Dragonborn to craft Lockpicks in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. As their smithing level goes up the more lockpicks they can make with one ingot.

Where can I find lockpicks in dying light?


  1. 5 Lockpicks can be crafted from 1 Metal Part (once the Crafting Expertise skill is learnt).
  2. A single lockpick can be found randomly in boxes, as loot on bodies, in trash cans, etc.