What size of door latch do I need?

Are there different size door latches?

In the United States, there are two common backsets for residential door locks: 2 3/8 inches and 2 3/4 inches. Pack your locks with a 2-3/8-inch or 2-3/4-inch latch, depending on which backset you specify.

Are all door spindles the same size?

Are all spindles the same size? A. They can vary but 8mm (5/16″) square has become a general “standard” for spindles which are European manufactured although 7mm square can also be seen particularly those imported from Australia or New Zealand.

Why are some door spindles split?

If you are replacing your door handles then you will need to re-install these into the new handles to ensure the lock still works correctly. Split spindles mean the handles each side of the door work independently of each other so the door can remain locked from the outside.

What are stile lines?

fenmaster. 7 years ago. No, stile lines is where it looks like there is a seam/joint between the vertical and horizontal planes of the slab. As if four pieces of wood made the slab.

What are the horizontal members of a door panel called?

They are attached to the wood members lining the rough opening. Vertical frame members are called ‘side jambs’; the top, horizontal piece is the ‘head jamb’; the bottom, horizontal piece is the ‘sill‘.

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