What is the point of a Dutch door?

Are Dutch front doors safe?

17–Are Dutch doors secure? Yes they are! The most secure way to use your Dutch door is to have a deadbolt on the top portion of the door and a locking door knob or door lever on the bottom portion. You can also add a surface bolt on the interior of the top door as well as a flush bolt for a double Dutch door.

Are Dutch doors energy efficient?

Because their top or bottom halves can open independently, exterior dutch doors can be an excellent to increase airflow in your home during the warmer months. This increased airflow will create a more energy efficient home, lowering energy bills for expensive air conditioning.

Where do you put a Dutch door?

Place the top half of the door on top of the lower half. Make sure the door is level and ¼” above the bottom half of the door. When the top half is in place, put the hinges on the door jamb as a guide for pre-drilling.

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