What is concealed in frame door closer?

What is concealed door?

Concealed door closers – those that are placed within the frame of the door, rather than an external, surface-mounted device – are popular in public buildings such as schools, care homes and hospitals. …

How do you adjust a concealed door closer?

Insert the retainer between the chain links closest to the cylinder face plate. Remove the anchor plate from the door frame and turn the anchor plate clockwise to increase the tension and anti- clockwise to decrease the tension. Re-fix the anchor plate to the door frame and remove the retainer.

How do I know what door closer I have?

First you need to determine if the closer is handed. A handed door closer will only have a single shaft on one side of the closer for the arm to attach to. If the closer is handed then to determine the handing of the closer, look at the top of the closer where the arm attaches to the spindle/pinion.

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