What is AR MagLock?

What is AR 15 Maglock?

ARMagLock is a new patented AR-15 fixed magazine solution that allows California, New York and Connecticut AR-15 owners to avoid assault weapon registration within their respective state by staying compliant with the laws. … Once the receivers are minimally separated, the ARMagLock can be engaged to release the magazine.

Is the Patriot Pin legal in California?

The “patriot pin” is actually faster than the bullet button and works alongside products, such as the ARMagLock. This allows owners to keep their current features, except now they won’t have to legally register them with the state.

Is CompMag NY legal?


It does not, by itself, make your firearm New York Compliant. For N.Y. compliance you must either epoxy over the screw once the CompMag is installed or use another N.Y. locking device.

What is a Hyperswitch?

(Hyperswitch in black). Introduced by AR MAGLOCK at 2018 SHOT show, now available! The Gen 1 or Gen 3 locking kit and Hyperswitch combo allows for complete separation (action disassembly) of the upper and lower receivers substantially faster than pull pins.

What is a CalCatch?

1,577 views. 33.3tactical The CalCatch • a modified bolt catch and clip to render your AR a fixed magazine.

What is a featureless mag?

A Featureless Rifle is the term used to describe a semi-automatic rifle that does not have any of the following: A pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon. A thumbhole stock. A folding or telescoping stock. A grenade launcher or flare launcher.

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Are hollow point bullets illegal in California?

Hollow-Point-Bullet Ban and Gun Lock Box Law. San Francisco has won a legal victory in a federal appeals court over two ordinances that require handgun owners to lock up their weapons and ban the sale of hollow-point bullets. … Ikuta also wrote that “firearm injuries are the third-leading cause of death in San Francisco. …