Question: How does magnetic door stop work?

How strong are magnetic door stops?

If you don’t have such a mechanism on your door, you’ll see more force with these magnets! Magnets with an actual pull force of 7-15 lb (listed pull force 15-25 lb) seemed to feel about right. Stronger magnets might also work, but could be too strong. Weaker strengths didn’t feel strong enough.

What is a magnetic door stopper?

Magnetic Door Steel Kick Stop

In addition to preventing damage to walls and doors, this magnetic door stop also allows the door to remain open.

How do you remove a magnetic door stopper?

Removing the Old Magnetic Door Stop

Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws until they come off. Remove the entire catch assembly and put them aside. Next, work on the magnetic door stop installed on the wall trim. Remove the screws, pull off the device, and set it aside.

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