Question: How do you lock a door as an impostor?

Can imposter lock doors?

Impostors can use this to cut players off from other Crewmates, lock several Crewmates into a room, and carry out kills quickly. Impostors can also shut doors and then carry out another form of sabotage, as both can be active at the same time.

Can crewmates open doors?

Since Crewmates can’t open doors for a set period of time, Impostors can use this opportunity to kill them. However, be very careful, Impostors are immediately spotted if they close doors in front of anyone.

How do I fix sabotage in among us?

On Polus, the Sabotage is resolved using the large antenna attached to the north-east corner of the Communications building. On The Skeld, Polus, and The Airship interface, there are two lights on the right side, which both light up for different reasons.

Can Imposters open doors in Polus?

If you’re playing on The Skeld and an Impostor has closed a door then you as a Crewman must be wondering how to open it up? Well, you can’t open it! … However, if you’re playing on the Polus map, when a door is closed it will remain closed until a Crewman opens it up.

Can crew members close doors?

As a crew member, you can open doors on your own on Polus. To do this, head over to a locked door and interact with it. There will be eight red switches you need to flip to open it up. Now you know how to open and close doors in Among Us.

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