Question: How do you get a bifold door to stay closed?

How do you fix a bifold door that won’t stay closed?

Most often the problem is a loosened top pivot and bracket, which allowed the door to slip sideways out of alignment (Photo 1). Open the door and then loosen the setscrew for the top bracket slightly with a screwdriver. Then close it again.

Why does my bifold door keeps coming off track?

A bi-fold door stays in place thanks to the proper alignment of door pins and rollers. Both the top and bottom rollers run along a track. The bottom roller has a tendency to jump the track due to improper alignment. In turn, the top roller may fall out of the track following this misalignment.

Why won’t my closet door stay closed?

If your closet door won’t stay closed simply because the door knob doesn’t latch, you may be able to fix it in five minutes. … Not only is it making the door unbalanced, it’s throwing the door knob and strike out of alignment. To fix it, you have to take down the door and re-plumb it.

How do you put a bifold door back on the track?

Begin by inserting the bottom pivot into the bracket, which can be screwed to the floor, to the door jamb or both. Then hold the spring-loaded top pivot down while you swing the top of the door toward the frame and under the door track. Once the door is approximately under the hole in the track, release the pivot.

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How do you adjust bifold door alignment?

How to Adjust a Bifold Door Aligner

  1. Open the bi-fold doors and enter the closet. Close the doors and shine a flashlight at the aligner brackets.
  2. Determine which aligner bracket needs adjusting; they should be parallel to the floor. …
  3. Close the door. …
  4. Screw the aligner in place.

How can I make my bifold door more secure?


  1. Twinpoint Locks – This is possibly the most common and attractive locking system for bi-folding doors. …
  2. Dropbolts – These are typical dropbolt locks affixed to the top and bottom of your doors that will add an extra layer of protection.

What is the best lock for a bifold door?

Locking systems

The best types of bifold doors use a multipoint locking system as it provides up to five-times security as the standard single point lock.