Is North West facing main door good?

How do you fix north west facing house?

Vastu Remedies for North West Facing Houses

  1. Vastu shastra suggests that if there is northwest facing the door, then place three vastu pyramids, one on each side and one top. …
  2. Swastika, trishul and om should be placed on both sides of the entrance of northwest facing houses as per vastu.

What is north west direction good for?

Northwest (Vayaya) In the center of North and West. North Direction as per Vastu : North is a very good direction. The owner of this direction is KUBER. Kuber is a Hindu deity and is known for wealth & prosperity.

Is north west facing house good for Sun?

Typically a south-facing home gets sun for most of the day, especially at the front of the house, and is therefore usually brighter and warmer. A north-facing home gets sun at the back of the house and is typically darker and naturally cooler than a south-facing one.

What is north west corner in Vastu?

The north west corner of the house denotes system support. Light weight items should be kept in the north west corner of the house.

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Is north west facing house bad?

North West facing door is not so bad. It can bring in health, wealth and prosperity if supported by other vastu rules. Only thing that the main male member of the house may remain out of the house for a longer time if the door faces west and a female if the door faces North.

What is north-west direction?

The north-west direction of your home is powered by the wind element and is ruled by the planet moon. This direction is powerful and when the space is used following Vastu principles, it can help you build your career better. Any instability in this direction will create restlessness among the different residents.

Is north-west direction good for bedroom?

North-West bedroom is also recommended for newly weds and for couples planning to have a baby. Avoid bedrooms for children in this zone as the lord of this zone is Vayu or wind-god. … Children will become hyperactive and lack concentration if placed in North-West. This is a good zone for having the guest room.

What should be kept in north-west of House?

They do not have any kind of mental problem. Also the intellectual capacity increases. According to Vastu Shastra, the right direction for keeping metal things in the house is west and north-west direction. It is auspicious to place a metal object in both these directions.

What are the disadvantages of west facing house?

“West-facing homes get the sun’s heat for longer duration than east-facing homes. These remain hot for most part of the day. Also, the doors and windows placed in west direction get damaged faster due to heat as compared to other directions,” says Lakshmi Chauhan, an Indore-based Vastu consultant.

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Why north facing house is so popular?

Homes that are oriented to the north typically receive most of their direct sunlight in the back of the building. … In warmer climates, north-facing homes can have the benefit of reduced cooling costs when temperatures climb in summer.

What should be kept in north west corner of living room?

Use light curtains on the windows and doors in the north-east wall and heavy curtains for the south-west wall of the living room. Keep some space in the north-east corner of the living room.

Placement of Carpets and Rugs According To Vastu For Living Room.

Planet Direction Colour
Saturn South Blue or Black
Sun East Red

Is north west a good direction to study?

The ancient doctrine of Vastu Shastra tells us that the most suitable direction depends upon the subject being studied. For example, to achieve proficiency in mathematics and science, students should study facing West. … For creative or religious kind of work, one should study facing East.