How wide do French door refrigerators open?

How much space do you need to open a French door refrigerator?

When the doors of your french door refrigerator open, they will each need about 1-2 inches on either side to fully open. If you want to have access to your french door refrigerator, then this is very important to remember.

How much space do refrigerator doors need to open?

You should allow for a ½ inch to 1 inch of extra space between the refrigerator and side walls. Allow the same amount of clearance at the top. The refrigerator distance from the back wall should be a bit more, about 1 to 2 inches.

Are all French door refrigerators the same width?

Standard Refrigerator Sizes & Measurement Guide

Generally speaking, french door and side-by-side refrigerators will be larger in width and height, though counter-depth models are frequently available in these two configurations. Top- and bottom-freezer refrigerators are more often available in smaller sizes.

Do you have to open both doors on a French door refrigerator?

Save Energy with Two Doors

But, with a French door refrigerator, you do not have to open both doors. This means you are releasing less cold air and, in turn, causing the refrigerator to not have to work as hard to replace it.

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What size opening do I need for a 36 inch refrigerator?

To obtain the most integrated look, the cabinet or soffit above the refrigerator should extend out to the same depth as the side panels. The refrigerator opening must have minimum dimensions of 70″ high x 36-1/8″ wide x 24-1/2″ deep as shown at right.

How much space do you need for a 36 inch refrigerator?

Typically, the standard size for a professional-grade refrigerator falls between 30 to 36 inches width, 67 to 70 inches in height, and 29 to 35 inches in depth. When it comes to the interior, the refrigerator itself should provide you with 14 to 20 cubic feet of space.

What is the average cubic feet of a French door refrigerator?

Capacity. The capacity of a French door refrigerator usually ranges from 20 to 28 cubic feet. This measurement includes both the fridge and freezer portions, so the higher it is, the more room you have for fresh and frozen food storage.

What size refrigerator do I need for a family of 4?

As for capacity, most manufacturers recommend 19 to 22 cubic feet for a family of four. But if you do a big weekly shopping trip or buy in bulk, you may need more—up to 30 to 33 cubic feet.