How do you remove a Schlage faceplate?

How do you remove a Schlage door handle plate?

How to Remove Schlage Lock Lever Handles

  1. Insert the key in the handle on the outside of the door. …
  2. Insert the pin tool — or a 6d finish nail — in the hole at the other end of the handle barrel. …
  3. Pull the handle off.

How do you remove a door handle with a broken latch?

Use the screwdriver to push the opposite side of the doorknob from the door and latch. Pull the spindle from the center of the latch if applicable. Thread the screwdriver through the large spindle hole in the latch. Pull the screwdriver away from the jamb to retract the latch and release it from the latch strike.

How do you remove a lever door handle?

Some lever handles have hexagonal-shaped fasteners that require an Allen wrench for removal. Look for these fasteners along the base of the lever, then use an Allen wrench that fits snugly into the head of the fastener. Turn the wrench to remove the fastener, then pull the lever away from the door by hand.

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