How do you open a stuck French door?

How do you unjam a French door?

Remove your doors and set them down on a pair of sawhorses. Then start using your hand plane to remove the excess wood from them. Make sure to plane in small increments of about 1/16 inches, then hang them up and see if they close properly. If they don’t, take them down again and take some more off.

Why won’t my French doors open?

An external French door that won’t latch could be caused by: Obstructions around the door frame – Check for any dirt or objects that may have become trapped between the door and the frame. Poor alignment – Alignment is a common problem with French doors and often caused by hinges that need adjusting.

How do you unstick a door that won’t open?

If you need to open a stuck door, you should try jiggling the door, pushing, and moving the doorknob. If you are on the inside and stuck, remove the door off the hinges. You can also use a bobby pin, paper clips or your credit card, or simply take the doorknob off. You can also call a locksmith or a crafty friend.

How do you unstick a swollen wooden door?

Rubbing soap or wax on the sticking area will often help. Silicone spray lubricant, sold at most home centers and hardware stores, also can be used. Try shims. A thin filler or shim behind one of the hinges will often free a door that sticks near the top or bottom of the latch side.

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