How do you make a stuffed door stop?

How do you stop a door knob from hitting a wall?

Wall Mount – Wall mounted door stops include a metal mounting plate and body with a concave or convex rubber bumper. These stops are easy to mount and will not intrude on any floor space. Simply line these stops up with a doors knob or lever, and enjoy lasting protection for walls and door hardware.

What are door stoppers made of?

The most common material used for making doorstops was metal, generally cast with a flat, normally hollow, back, but in some early examples cast in the round. Brass, usually lacquered, was popular until about 1850.

What to fill a homemade door stop with?


  1. Use a strong fabric such as a cotton/linen or cotton canvas as there will be a lot of pressure put on the seams.
  2. Buy a big bag of cheap rice for the filling; don’t rely on what’s in your cupboard as you might find it’s not enough like I did!
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