How can I make my sliding closet doors look better?

How do you dress a plain sliding closet door?

17 Great Ideas to Decorate Your Closet Doors

  1. Go Classic With Sliding Pocket Closet Doors.
  2. Make It Bright.
  3. Opt For Frosted Windowed Doors.
  4. Classic Bi-Fold Against Colorful Shiplap.
  5. Add Color With A Fun Doorway Curtain.
  6. Use It To Display Your Jewelry.
  7. Get A Decorative Door Knob.
  8. Hang an Indoor Wreath.

Can you replace a mirror on a closet door?

To fix a sliding mirror closet door, remove the door from the tracks, replace the broken piece, and rehang the door. Your local hardware store will sell replacement parts for slider doors, and they are easy to install. Best of all, this whole project requires only basic tools and maybe a couple of hours!

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