Frequent question: Do you need special hinges for exterior doors?

What hinges for exterior door?

Exterior Door Hinges

  • Butt Hinge. One of the most common door hinges is the butt hinge. …
  • Flush Hinge. Another common hinge style is the flush hinge. …
  • Ball Bearing Hinge. While door hinges do wear down over time, some naturally last longer than others. …
  • Case Hinge. …
  • Hospital Hinge. …
  • Strap Hinge. …
  • Olive Knuckle Hinge. …
  • Pivot Hinge.

What is the difference between a butt hinge and a door hinge?

Butt Hinges: As the most commonly used type of door hinge, the butt hinge is one you will probably find in any home. A hinge of this type consists of two identical leaves – one that is attached to the moving component (the door) while the other is attached to the fixed component (the door jamb).

Should a door have 2 or 3 hinges?

The general rule used to determine the number of hinges is: Every door should be provided with at least one hinge for every 30 inches in height or portion thereof; however, more hinges may be required per chart below. For example, a 90″ door needs three hinges and a 91″ door needs four.

What door hinges are best?

Ball bearing hinges are a type of mortise door hinge, which means they’re designed to be installed sunk into the door and frame in a cutout made to fit. They’re a good choice for particularly heavy doors.

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Can exterior door hinges be on the outside?

Most exterior doors open toward the inside of the house. That means the hinges, which hold the door in place, are located inside the house. … That means the hinges have to be located outside, and if the proper hinges aren’t used, your door could be a security risk.

Does door hinge radius matter?

The radius of the door hinges will vary. Most common seems to be 5/8″ radius, but 1/4″ radius corners are common as well. The best way to determine what radius you have is by the following technique. Place a quarter in the corner of the door hinge.

Are ball bearing door hinges better?

In general, the ball bearing hinges are higher quality and prevent squeaking of the hinges better than the plain bearing hinges. Hinge Outlet carries both, but we recommend the ball bearing hinges for most residential applications.

What does a butt hinge mean?

The most common type of hinge used on doors is the butt hinge. It’s so named because the two leaves are mortised into the door and frame, allowing the two to butt up to each other. There are three different types of butt hinges: plain, ball bearing, and spring-loaded.

Where do you put butt hinges?

A butt hinge has two rectangular leaves with knuckles in the middle, joined together by a pin. It’s the most common hinge used on doors, whether full-sized or cabinet.