Frequent question: Can you hang something on a hollow door?

How much weight can a hollow door hold?

In general, an interior door in a residential house can hold between 45 to 100 pounds. An exterior door with robust hardware can withstand anywhere from 200 to 400 pounds.

Can you hang towel rack on hollow door?

The technique for mounting a towel bar onto a hollow-core door is similar to that for drywall. The fastener to use is a hollow-wall expansion bolt called a molly anchor. Since hollow doors have thin panels of wood covering the hollow core, you will have to choose a molly anchor made especially for hollow-doors.

How do you screw into a hollow metal door?

To drill the hole, first locate where you want it with a pencil. Then use a center punch with a hammer to tap a small indent right where you want the hole. If you don’t have a center punch use a nail. If you don’t tap a center mark, your drill will skate right across the surface of the door and scratch the paint.

Can you screw hooks into doors?

Hold the hook in place on the door. If you have a solid door, use a screwdriver to screw the mounting screws in through the holes in the hook. If you have a hollow door, thread the hollow-core door anchors into the holes.

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Can you mount a coat rack on a door?

Even if you have a closet well-situated for hanging coats, you may not have the room you need. The back of a door is an ideal spot for a wall-mount coat rack.

How do you hang a towel hook on a hollow door?

It is easy to hang a small robe or towel hook using a hollow-core door anchor.

  1. Step 1 – Drill Holes. Drill pilot holes into the door. …
  2. Step 2 – Insert Anchor. Lightly tap the anchor into the pilot hole with a hammer.
  3. Step 3 – Attach the Hook. Screw the hook in place using a drill.