Can you use cup handles on doors?

Can you put pulls on cabinet doors?

Yes! For a cohesive look, pick matching finishes and install the same kind of hardware on drawers versus cabinet doors. If you want to mix and match pulls and knobs in your kitchen, opt for pulls on drawers and knobs on doors. This creates a pretty aesthetic and makes opening your cabinets comfortable.

Can you use different size pulls on cabinets?

There is no right or wrong size to choose, but we do recommend choosing pulls that have at least a 3-3/4″ center to center (the distance between the screw holes). This size looks pleasing on most cabinets, while still being large enough to grip comfortably. 5″ pulls are also an excellent choice.

Can Cup pulls be used sideways?

Pulls are another versatile option that can be installed on both cabinets and drawers. … For drawers, they should be installed horizontally in the center of the door. While there is no hard-set rule for the size of your pulls, consider using longer ones on larger drawers and cabinets.

Should drawer pulls be centered?

Most drawer pulls are centered on the drawer fronts, but if the cabinet you’re working on has two or three drawers the same size and one larger one at the bottom, install the bottom knob (or pull) higher than the center of that drawer front. Install it so all the knobs on the cabinet are spaced evenly.

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Do you put cabinet pulls on fake drawers?

I would recommend putting pulls on the dummy drawers it allows for consistency. … It will also give the illusion that these drawers are not fake. The idea of putting a minimal intrusive towel bar works well because then it will serve more for function then aesthetics.