Can you have white trim with wood doors?

Can you have white trim and stained doors?

Stained Doors With White Trim

The white trim freshens the look, while the stained wood of the doors keeps the room grounded in its rich history. If you are choosing to have white trim with wood doors, make sure that you keep the surface of your interior doors in good repair.

Should baseboards and doors be the same color?

Painting all window and door trim, crown molding and baseboards the same colour provides consistency, but is not a rule. For example, only black baseboards will anchor a room while having only black crown moulding will frame the ceiling and draw your eye up. Similarly, door casings and doors don’t have to match.

Should all the trim in a house match?

As a general rule, plan to paint all the trim throughout the main areas of the house the same color to create a unified effect from room to room. … Within a room, paint all of the trim the same unless you wish to emphasize elements.

What color trim is in Style 2020?

White Wood Trim Is a Classic

With Pantone’s Color of the Year as Classic Blue, other shades that are coming into trend include classic colors like hunter green, chocolate brown, blush, and warm-toned gray.

Should white cabinets match trim?

For a matching, more uniform look, all of the kitchen cabinets and trim should be the same style and color. White kitchen cabinets are very on-trend and create a clean, traditional feel. … Interiors Place advises homeowners that mixing trim colors work better in open-concept homes.

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