You asked: What type of door handles do I need for French doors?

What door handles are needed for French doors?

For an interior french door you will want to order a passage or privacy function door knob or lever. A passage is a door knob that functions but has no type of lock at all, whereas the privacy will have a privacy push/turn button to lock the door knob in place for privacy.

How do French door handles work?

How Do French Door Handles Work? … As they are double doors, French doors won’t bolt to the door frame, but rather to each other. So they need to fasten together, which is done via a strike-mounted plate. Because of this, you will have an ‘active’ handle and a ‘dummy’ handle.

Can you turn a regular door knob into a dummy door knob?

Yes you can use it as your dummy handles. Thats what we used for our closet doors, instead of buying dummy handles. Just use the front and back of the handles, and leave out the latch. The only thing is that the handle will still turn, even without the latch, but it doesn’t bother us.

What is a half dummy door knob?

Half dummy – Same as above but instead of a pair of knobs or levers, a single knob or. lever is provided. Generally used on linen closets and other closet applications where a. matching knob or lever is not needed on the inside of a door.

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