You asked: What goes on the bottom of a barn door?

Is floor guide necessary for barn door?

Do I need a floor guide? The floor guide is optional. You will receive one with a kit purchase, so you may choose to use it or not. Floor guides prevent the barn door from swinging towards and away from the wall.

How do I keep my barn door from jumping off the track?

The Anti-bump block is mounted at the top of the door. It does not effect the operation of the door, but fills the void between the door and the track so that there isn’t enough room for the door to bounce off. To remove the door from the track, you must first remove the anti-jump block.

Do pocket doors have a bottom track?

Typically, pocket doors have an upper track only, but if you plan ahead you can have a bottom track. This gives the sliding door a robust fixing and makes it less likely to flap about when in the open position. It involves fixing the track into the floor — one way to do this is with a router in a timber floor.

Do bypass doors need a bottom track?

Required Hardware for Installation

The doors need a sliding door track that suspends them from the top of the doorjamb. The track should be slightly shorter than the width of the door. Each door needs a pair of track rollers. … The final piece of hardware is a bottom track for the door.

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