You asked: What are cabinet door bumpers?

What do cabinet door bumpers do?

While all bumpers basically do the same thing — protect your cabinets from scratches and reduce that annoying noise when doors get closed too hard — the best cabinet door bumpers are durable, easy to apply with self-adhesive backing, and blend in seamlessly with your decor.

How do I make my cabinets close quietly?

If your rattling cabinets are rattling you, you have some options to quiet the racket:

  1. Add Felt or Rubber Bumper Pads.
  2. Install Soft-Close Dampers.
  3. Swap Out Self-Close Cabinet Hinges.

What are clear bumpers used for?

Self-Adhesive Rectangle Clear Pads (8 per Pack) work well under home and office accessories, such as lamps, computer equipment and small appliances. Their self-adhesive bodies stick to hard surfaces in order to prevent scratching and sliding of furniture. They can also be used as bumpers to cushion closures.

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