You asked: How do you open a cache door?

How do you get to the cranes treasure?

Finding Crane’s treasure

Travel to Gauley Mine, venture deeper until one comes across a room with a keypad and a security gate. The objective will update to search for the code, or to enter the one on Crane’s map (071990).

How do you wake up the crane in Fallout 76?

The duchess will lead you to a locked door. Follow her upstairs and inside the door. Crane will be tied up in the room. Duchess will ask you to give him a nudge to wake him up.

Where is Crane 76?

For the vehicle/construction equipment, see Crane (Fallout 76). Crane is a Scorched kept hidden on the second floor of the Wayward in 2103.

How do you register the Pip Boy in Fallout 76?

Make your way through the office and either head through the cage to the right and travel through the hole in the wall until you reach the control room or open the locked door next to the entrance to the cache (+1) instead. In the control room hack the terminal and register your Pip-Boy.

Is there a scorched cure?

The Scorched are violent, hideous ghouls ravaged by a fungal plague, and, unfortunately, no known cure exists.

How do you get legendary scrip?

It is received when trading in Legendary items to Legendary exchange machines found at train stations across Appalachia. Reward for daily quests. Reward for ally quests. Reward for Daily Ops.

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Where do I get RobCo tokens?

Locations. Found on a podium in the dispenser room at the end of RobCo Auto-Cache #001.