Why won’t my French doors close properly?

How do you fix the gap between French doors?

Close the gap between the two doors with insulated molding. Nail it to one of the doors using small wood nails so that it overlaps the other door by about one-half inch, covering the gap. Place nails about every 5 inches. Cover the nail heads with wood putty and sand them smooth.

How do you keep French doors closed?

The fixed door on many French doors is held closed by a pair of barrel bolts that sink into the top jamb and threshold of the doorway. Even if these are tight enough to prevent the fixed door from moving, burglars may be able to work a screwdriver through the gap between the doors and unlock these bolts.

Should there be a gap in French doors?

The rise of French doors and double doors

You can have double doors wherever you like whether that be your main entrance, leading into a dining room, or out into a garden. The gap in the middle shouldn’t deviate between 3mm and 5mm thickness. Double doors are sometimes known as French doors.

What is a French lock?

noun. rare, historical. A lock of hair worn longer than the rest and arranged so as to hang forward over one shoulder.

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