Why is my storm door crooked?

The most common culprit behind a sagging storm door is the issue of the metal frame that surrounds the door coming loose, not the wood trim. To fix this problem with your sagging storm door, you’ll need stainless steel screws, a shim, and your drill. … Stick a shim between the door and its metal frame.

How do you fix a crooked storm door?

Fixing an uneven storm door frame may be as easy as installing shims behind the door hinges. The storm door frame mounts inside the wooden door frame opening on your home. When the wood expands and contracts, it can cause the frame to become uneven. A few small adjustments will get your storm door working smoothly.

How do you straighten a sagging storm door?

If a storm door still sags after you have tightened all the screws, it can usually be pulled into shape with a special door brace sold at some hardware stores and home centers. The brace is a long rod with a turnbuckle in the middle. The brace is installed diagonally at the bottom of the door, generally on the outside.

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