What did the poet do after he heard the knocking on the door?

Answer: Explanation: He jumped out of the window!

What did the poet do to find out who was at the door?

she Jumped out of the window. 5.

Who do you think came knocking at the poet’s small door in the poem someone?

Answer the following question: Who do you think came knocking at the poet’s small door? Ans.> The poet was sure that someone was knocking on his door. Again he could feel something uncanny in the stillness and darkness of the night.

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Why does the poet use the expression at all thrice in the last line of the poem someone?

Explanation: The final line of the poem allows for the reader to recognize the sound of knocking by repeating the words “at all” three times. this is similar to how one would knock on the door.

What time of the day was it when the Traveller knocked on the door How does the poet tell you what time it is?

Answer: the traveller knocked the door in the midnight. The lines that tell us this “are Knocking on the moonlit door. ”

Where does the ghost hide?

Ans: The ghost hides himself under the rotten floor boards.

What does the poet listen to when he is in bed?

Answer: When the poet lying on the bed, he or she feel delighted to start living with his head and also pressed against the pillow of his cottage chamber bed. Then he listens to patter of the soft rains and also memory which comes to poet is of his mother and her found look with better ideas of it.

Why do you think came knocking at the poet’s small door?

The poet’s overactive imagination has him considering that a person is at his door. There is no one in sight. Consequently, the knocking at the wee small door is the thoughts inside the poet’s head, manifesting themselves to him as knocks at the door.

What did the little boy do when he heard the knocking?

Explanation: He jumped out of the window!

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Who wrote the poem someone?

SOMEONE.. poem by Walter De La Mare….

What is the theme of the poem someone?

The poem is about a day in which the poet hears the ringing of his bell and on opening the door he finds no one but the sounds of nature. He undergoes the feeling of confusion as to who had rung his doorbell. The poem is found surrounded by mysterious theme.

What does the use of nature in the poem someone signify?

It can be inferred that the knocking of the door is symbolic of the call of nature. Humans in their practical life are so bound by the artificialities that they have stopped considering the beauty of nature. Hence, nature takes the liability of calling humans and exposing them to its beauty in a mysterious way.

What is the mood of the poet in the poem someone?

Answer :- The sad mood of poet is reflected in the poem . It is reflected as he is sitting under the hemlock tree .

What was his message to the listeners before he left the house?

But before he would leave, he declared at the top of his voice: ‘Tell them I came, and no one answered, That I kept my word.’ He was there to keep a promise and he wanted anyone who could hear him that he had kept his promise.

What is the message of the poem the listeners?

The theme of the poem is the place of man in a universe which is far greater than he, and which he can neither connect with nor understand. It focuses on man’s state of isolation and disharmony with the natural world.

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Why does the poet calls himself a Traveller?

(i) Why does the poet call himself a traveler? … His lips and pale and steel does not feel the poet arm. Ans (iii) The Shepherd follow his ship all the day. Ans (iv) The poet call the Sleepless because it isnever calm as the waves are always in motion.