Quick Answer: How do you unlock an old door knob?

What do I do if my door knob is locked?

Stuck lock button on doorknobs

First, you should push and hold the lock button. While holding it firmly, release it quickly to unjam it. If it doesn’t do the trick, you should try depressing the lock button consecutively. You can jiggle the handle vigorously to shake it off from its stuck position.

How do you unlock a twist lock door knob from the other side?

Just poke a long, slender object into the hole. Directly opposite you should feel a little lever that you can push on to unlock the door. I find that the pen filler thing from those disposable bic pens work very well for this, if you you remove it from the outer casing.

How do you unlock a push and twist door lock without the hole?

How do you unlock a push and twist door lock without the hole? Grab the doorknob in your non-dominant hand. Hold it in your left hand if you are right-handed. Make the gap between the door frame and the locked door as wide as you can by pushing the door.

Can a locksmith open a mortice lock?

Locksmith should be able to remove broken piece,using broken key extractor removal hooks/needles, & extractor pilers. Locksmith might even use curtain picks to open mortice lock. Very handy tools to have, bought a set years ago. Could give lock a does of WD40 to loosen things up abit.

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