Question: What is the question tag for shut the door?

What is the tag question of shut the door?

Answer: let the door be shut isn’t it?

What is question tags and examples?

grammar. in grammar, a question tag is a very short clause at the end of a statement which changes the statement into a question. For example, in ‘She said half price, didn’t she?’ , the words ‘didn’t she’ are a question tag.

What is the question tag for these?

Use “they” in a question tag when the sentence includes “these” or “those”.

What is the question tag for I am a student?

Question tags: The question tag for ‘I am’ is ‘aren’t I? ‘ “I’m the fastest, aren’t I?” – 1- I´m a good student, aren´t I? The negative form we use the same “am” form: “I’m not fat, am I?” – I´m not a good student, am I?

What is the question tag for open the window?

Use will/would with imperatives (Simple Present). Open the window, will you? Open the window, would you?

How many types of question tags are there in English grammar?

Question tags turn statements into yes-no questions. There are two types.

What is positive question tag?

Examples of Positive question tag:

You aren’t busy, are you? He can’t drive, can he? Mohit doesn’t work hard, does he? They haven’t come yet, have they?

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How many rules are in a question tag?

The two basic rules about tag questions are: If the statement is negative, the tag must be positive. If the statement is positive the tag must be negative.