How wide is a French door refrigerator?

How wide is a Samsung French door refrigerator?

31 – 33 Inch Wide Refrigerators | Samsung US.

Are all French door refrigerators the same width?

Standard Refrigerator Sizes & Measurement Guide

Generally speaking, french door and side-by-side refrigerators will be larger in width and height, though counter-depth models are frequently available in these two configurations. Top- and bottom-freezer refrigerators are more often available in smaller sizes.

How much clearance does a French door refrigerator need?

A basic guide is to allow for 2 inches in the back, 1 inch at the top between the upper cabinets and the refrigerator and a minimum of 1/8 of an inch on either side of the fridge.

How wide is Samsung refrigerator?

Samsung Refrigerator Dimensions

Model Height Width
RF197ACPN 69 3/4″ 32 1/4″
RF197ACRS 69 3/4″ 32 1/4″
RF197ACWP 69 3/4″ 32 1/4″
RF217ACBP 68 5/8″ 32 1/4″

What is the average cubic feet of a French door refrigerator?

Capacity. The capacity of a French door refrigerator usually ranges from 20 to 28 cubic feet. This measurement includes both the fridge and freezer portions, so the higher it is, the more room you have for fresh and frozen food storage.

What are the dimensions of a LG refrigerator?

This refrigerator fits to 66” height and 33” width.

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