How much is a blower door?

You can hire a professional to perform a blower door test and energy audit for approximately $300-$400 for an average sized house.

How much does a blower door cost?

The blower door test costs about $450.00 for a typical house. This includes a report of the air leakage locations and recommendations for the sealing approach. The report lists the sealing measures in a cost efficient priority.

How hard is it to pass a blower door test?

It is estimated that 50% of newly constructed homes will fail the blower door or air-tightness test. … Most blower door test failures occur because of a lack of understanding of what is necessary to create a continuous air barrier system.

How do you pass a blower door test?

Passing Your Blower Door Test

  1. Have an airsealing plan BEFORE you start construction. …
  2. Make sure your sub-contractors are on board with the airsealing plan and are willing to seal all their penetrations. …
  3. Make sure all major penetrations are properly sealed.

How long does it take to do a blower door test?

How long does a blower door test take? It takes approx. 5-15 minutes to run the actual blower door test itself. It’s the prepping that takes the longest, about 1.5 hours on a standard home.

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How do I test my home efficiency?

Related To:

  1. A blower door test measures the airtightness of the home. …
  2. Low-emissivity window checkers are handheld devices that are placed on the interior pane of a window to detect if a window has a low-emissivity coating. …
  3. Infrared, or IR, cameras take infrared images of a house.

What is a good air test result?

A test between 3 – 5 m3h-1m-2 would usually be acceptable by building control and your SAP assessor. A reading of less than 3 m3h-1m-2 might mean the building is too airtight. This could lead to condensation and mould, and therefore would need to be accompanied by an adequate ventilation system.

How do you check for air leaks?

Stand outside and watch for light seeping through. This should reveal where your cracks are and help you detect air leaks, especially if they’re large gaps. Shut a door or window on a dollar bill. This is a simple and effective way to check for air leaks around windows and doors.