How does barn door floor guide work?

Is a floor guide necessary for barn door?

Do I need a floor guide? The floor guide is optional. You will receive one with a kit purchase, so you may choose to use it or not. Floor guides prevent the barn door from swinging towards and away from the wall.

Where do barn door floor guides go?

It simply screws into the floor directly under one of the bottom corners of your barn door. The floor guide then then rides in a channel that we cut in the bottom of your barn door. Loosen the screws to adjust the floor guide and your sliding barn door away from or closer to the wall.

How do you cut a barn door track?

A: Yes, you can cut the track down to the size you need without having it compromise the integrity of the track. You can use any saw that is designed to cut steel, including a hacksaw, reciprocating saw or angle grinder.

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