How do you remove a Kwikset bolt lock?

How do you remove a deadbolt lock?

Insert a hexagonal bit that fits in the opening into the socket, then use the wrench handle to turn the lock mechanism. Once you’ve retracted the deadbolt and the door opens, remove the two screws holding the lock mechanism to the door and pull it out. Repair or replace it as needed.

How do you remove a lock if you lost the key?

You can open a locked door without a key and without causing damage. Place the short end of the tension wrench into the lock as far as it will go. Turn it in the direction that you normally turn your key to open the door. Stick your pick into the lock while keeping your tension wrench turned in the same direction.

Can’t get Kwikset deadbolt off?

Pry off the inside deadbolt cover using a small flat-blade screwdriver. Remove the pin that holds the thumb lever in place with an appropriately sized Allen wrench. Then pry off the lever and inside cover to access the mounting screws. If there is no cover and the mounting screws are visible, proceed to Step 2.

Is it possible to pick a deadbolt lock?

You can pick any keyed deadbolt lock with two basic tools. … You can fashion both of these tools from household supplies. The most common are paper clips, bobby pins and electrical wire, but in a pinch, implements such as tooth-flossing handles can also work.

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How do you remove a Kwikset deadbolt keyed on both sides?

Hold the exterior side of the deadbolt and remove the two mounting screws from the mounting plate located on the interior side of the door. Once the screws are removed, the mounting plate and remaining half of the deadbolt will be free.

How do you take apart a lock?

How to disassemble the padlock

  1. Unlock the lock. You can cheat and use the key if you have one. …
  2. Remove screw. Using a standard phillips head screwdriver remove the retaining screw hidden under the shackle. …
  3. Remove the top cover. Remove the top cover. …
  4. Remove the Pin. …
  5. Remove the circlip. …
  6. Repin your lock! …
  7. Re-assemble the lock.