How do you install a door coordinator?

What is purpose of door coordinator?

A door coordinator helps to ensure that the correct door leaf closes first so the doors can close and latch properly (here’s a video). BUT – when the door has manual flush bolts and no closer on the inactive leaf, the coordinator serves no purpose. The inactive leaf is closed and latched manually (by a person).

What is a coordinator on a fire door?

(7) Coordinator ensures that door leaves close in proper sequence (pairs only). … The same situation occurs when a pair of fire doors is equipped with an overlapping astragal – the proper leaf has to close first. The function of a coordinator is to ensure that the leaves of a pair close in the proper sequence.

What is a gravity coordinator?

Gravity Coordinators are non-handed and when the active door is open, coordinator prevents active door from closing until inactive door bypasses. … As inactive door continues closing, roller rides over strike plate on the door bracket, holding arm above active door.

What is a flush bolt?

Flush bolts are installed into the lock stile on the inactive leaf of a pair of doors. There are often two bolts, one installed at the top and one at the bottom of the door. The strike of the top bolt will be in the head of the frame and the strike for the bottom bolt will be in the floor.

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What is a door Astragal?

Attached to the meeting edge of single or double doors, astragals are vertical components designed to seal off gaps that leak air, water, noise, light, and debris. They can also function to detain gases, smoke, or flames in the event of a fire. Last, astragals can increase the security of door locks and strikes.

When the active leaf of a pair of doors latches into the inactive leaf which of the following hardware items is used to ensure the door leaves close in the proper sequence?

Coordinator – A device used on a pair of doors to ensure that the inactive leaf closes before the active leaf. This device is necessary when both doors have closers and either of the following is true: 1) There is an overlapping astragal; or 2) The latchbolt of the active door needs to engage into the inactive leaf.

What is door selector?

The 1240 Door Selector Device is an economical controlling device designed to be used on medium/low usage pairs of doors with overlapping astragals or rebated door styles to help ensure inactive leaf closes first when door closers have been fitted.