How do you decorate French doors?

What to put up at French doors?

For French doors, there are two primary options when it comes to dressing them: blinds or curtains. These two options are easy to install, they’re a favourite in so many homes up and down the country and they have differing applications, in both function and style.

How do you decorate a wall with French doors?

Beadboard. Add beadboard around French doors to give them a country or shabby chic look. Wooden beadboard can be painted a variety of colors to complement any decorating scheme. Attach beadboard on the walls on either side of the French doors and on any wall space above the doors for a vintage-inspired appearance.

Can you put cellular shades on French doors?

A: Cellular shades can be mounted on french doors. You would order them as an outside mount shade. Remember on outside mount the cell shades will come the size you enter into the system.

What can I put on my patio doors for privacy?

Vertical blinds are a really practical choice for patio doors. They gently diffuse light to help maintain a comfortable temperature and provide privacy, which is essential if your room is overlooked.

How do you block the sun from a French door?

How do you block the sun from a French door?

  1. How to block the sun out but keep your home bright and airy? Light filtering roller blinds are a great option for French doors to block out the bright light while maintaining a light and bright home. …
  2. Blinds. …
  3. Curtains. …
  4. Blinds and Curtains.
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