How do you adjust the gap on a door?

Why is my door uneven?

When you have an uneven gap across the top of door, it can be caused by two common problems. The first is the door hinge side is out of plumb. This can be easily checked with a level placed on the jamb or hinges to check if they are correct. The most likely cause is that the floor is not perfectly level.

Why are doors misaligned?

Misaligned doors will not open or close properly. This can be the result of improperly installed hinges on the door or the doorjamb. It can cause the door to make contact with the doorstop at the top or bottom before it closes. When this happens, you must pull hard on the door to get it to shut.

What should the gap be between door and frame?

There should be a 2mm gap between the door and the frame. You can use the edge of a 2 pence piece to gauge this.

Why is my Prehung door not closing?

Re: Exterior pre-hung door won’t close

You will want to shim every 6 to 8 inches across the jamb to provide good support. From there, simply forcing a good bead of sealant, IMHO poly beutyl, along both the inside and outside. Gooping a bit of caulk around the shim packs will keep them in place just fine.

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