Frequent question: Can you get a composite stable door?

Are composite stable doors more expensive?

These doors have both the highest security and thermally efficient rating that is available on the market, however they are more expensive than pvc stable doors. Available in 3 different styles, 13 different colours and with a range of glass designs, you are able to create you prefect stable door.

Can you have a stable door as a front door?

Although commonly used as openings to a patio or a garden, stable doors make exceptional front doors for any house. While there is a range of styles for front doors, they are all commonly used. If you yearn for a front door that is out of the ordinary, then stable doors are an ideal choice.

Are composite stable doors secure?

Of the three, standard composite back doors are the most thermally efficient and secure, as they have the least areas that could be compromised. We even offer back doors as vault doors, which have no external locking mechanism – a great option for high-crime areas.

What are the disadvantages of a composite door?

Cons of Composite Doors

In the case of composite doors, it all comes down to price. You’ll need a fairly high budget if you want composite doors as they tend to be more expensive than other materials. Thanks to their long lifetime though, composite doors are a long term investment.

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Are Stable doors good?

Stable doors undoubtedly look good and they have the added benefit of allowing you to control the flow of air into your home, but the one question we get asked numerous times from prospective customers is “can they possibly be as secure as a solid door”.

Are stable doors safe?

Stable doors are safe and secure

Safety and burglar resistant security locks are now fitted as standard. At Excellent Windows, our stable doors are manufactured in the UK with fully adjustable multi-point locking mechanisms.

What is the point of a stable door?

The stable door was originally used in the stables of a farm. Designed to keep horses and other animals in, the door was designed to operate with the lower half able to be closed whilst the top half could be opened. This way animals such as horses could be kept within their stall whilst still allowing air to circulate.

Are stable doors draughty?

Stable doors also allow a nice flow of fresh air into your home during fine weather, without the need to open the lower part of the door. … Modern technology has eliminated many of the ‘quaint’ but bothersome problems of traditional stable doors, such as being draughty, leaking or easy to break through.

Are UPVC stable doors secure?

Security Features

uPVC stable doors can include a range of secure and robust locking mechanisms that improve the security of your home. The most popular choice is the multi-point locks. That means that the top and bottom sections of the door can lock independently and be locked together.

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