Does ADT have door locks?

What door locks work with ADT?

ADT uses Kwikset locks in all of their home security packages, and therefore most Kwikset smart locks will work with ADT systems. The specific lock ADT uses is the Kwikset 914 Deadbolt. ADT is willing to answer any questions regarding compatibility.

Does ADT change door locks?

You can also change the key code at any time for added security. … ADT Smart Door Locks offer all of the above features, in addition to the ability to be added to the ADT mobile app, where you can control all of your home security and smart home devices to allow them to work together.

Do Schlage locks work with ADT?

Connect your Schlage smart lock and other compatible smart home devices to your ADT system for enhanced security and convenience. You can control those devices using the ADT mobile app or with voice commands, create automated routines and manage your security remotely from your smartphone for greater peace of mind.

What products work with ADT?

ADT not only pairs well with Alexa and Google Home devices but also Samsung devices. Your ADT smart home security hub will pair with all SmartThings products and allows you to set automations for your locks, lights, and motion sensors.

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How much does ADT cost per month?

ADT monthly monitoring cost

Package Name Essentials Premium Protection with ADT Pulse®
Monthly Monitoring Cost $36.99/month* $52.99/month*
Installation Cost $99 $99 – $199 Depends on Equipment Needs
Includes $100 Visa® Reward Card** Yes Yes
Equipment Cost Included Depends on Equipment Needs

Does Yale lock work with ADT?

With this Yale Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt, you can remotely control access to your home with a few clicks on your smart phone or PC. … That’s why people are talking as though it’s quite possibly the world’s best remote control home door lock. It is compatible with ADT Pulse,, Total Connect, and more.

Do smart locks have cameras?

The smart locks you will see on the market today don’t only have a dedicated app, but also Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility. Some of the modern smart locks also come with an integrated camera so you can see who is at your front door and decide if you want to remotely let them in!

Where are smart locks used?

Smart locks are an extension of home automation into home security. As a connected device, smart locks can be considered a part of the internet of things (IoT). Many smart lock systems use mobile apps or websites to allow homeowners to grant access to third parties by sending a virtual key.