Can you hold open a fire door?

When can you hold a fire door open?

Fire doors should be closed at all times, unless certified fire door retainers have been fitted. Fire door retainers hold fire doors open until a fire alarm is set off, closing it once the alarm has been triggered.

Why are fire doors kept shut?

In the event of a fire, they stop fire and smoke spreading into corridors and stairs – provided they are kept shut. … When the integrity of a fire door is compromised by either wedging or propping the door open, a serious risk to the occupants of the building is created, should a fire occur.

How wide should a fire door open?

Minimum width for an escape route should ideally be 1050mm but in any case not less than 750mm and where wheelchair users are likely to use it not less than 900mm. The premises fire risk level will be obtained from your fire risk assessment (use medium risk if you are not sure of your premises risk level).

Why is it important not to wedge open a fire door?

No matter how good a fire door is at doing its job, it is rendered useless if it is wedged open. Smoke can spread very rapidly along corridors and into rooms when fire doors are open.

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