Can I add a second garage door to myQ?

How do I add a second garage door to myQ?

Pair to a Second Garage Door Opener and Door Sensor in the myQ App

  1. Tap the Plus Sign on the bottom right side of the app.
  2. Tap Device.
  3. Tap Door Sensor.
  4. Select Hub.
  5. Remove the tab in your door sensor and tap Next. …
  6. Test your door sensor by pressing the button as indicated in the app, tap Next.

Does myQ work with multiple garage doors?

MyQ Smart Garage Hub can control 2 garage doors, so you’ll want 2 MyQ Smart Garage Hub units for your garage. Each door will need its own sensor.

Can you add a second garage door opener?

1 Answer. Yes you can, unless it uses a fancy communication board. If you can control the lights and the door from the controller you may not be able to simply splice the wire. I used doorbells to add openers at two other locations for a friend of mine.

Can myQ work with two devices?

The myQ Users feature allows you to invite 2 Co-Owners and up to 5 Guests. … They have access to view and control your myQ devices, view history logs, set up and receive notifications, create or modify schedules, and can invite other guests to the account.

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How do you resolve issues with the MyQ app opening and closing multiple garage doors at the same time?

To resolve this behavior:

  1. After the remote memory on the motor is clear, remove any existing door information from the Wi-Fi Hub.
  2. To clear the Wi-Fi Hub information, press and hold the [1] button on the 821LM for 10 seconds, and then do the same for the [2] button.

Does MyQ have a monthly fee?

Chamberlain MyQ offers a subscription for connecting your device to smart home services such as IFTTT, & Google assistant. The subscription will allow you to automate various features with your smart devices. The cost for this subscription will be $1 a month or $10 a year.

How do you add myQ?

You can find the app on the Apple App Store (for iPhone) or Google Play Store (for Android). Open the myQ app and sign-up for an account. You need to enter a username, password, email address., country, and zip code. When you’re done, click “submit.”

How do I resolve a close error on myQ app?

How to Resolve a Close Error in the myQ App

  1. Close error in the myQ app. …
  2. To clear the error from the app. …
  3. Resolve issues with the safety sensors. …
  4. Resolve garage door obstructions and ensure the garage door is properly working. …
  5. Check the door sensor battery for the Wi-Fi hub. …
  6. Check hub and door sensor mounting location.

How do I add another phone to my garage door opener?

To Add a Device Using the myQ App

  1. Log into your myQ account.
  2. Tap the Initials in the upper left corner.
  3. Tap Device Management.
  4. Tap the Device/Hub to add the myQ device.
  5. Tap Add New.
  6. Select the type of device you want to add: myQ Garage Door Opener (non-Wi-Fi) Remote Light Control. Commercial Door Operator. Gate Operator.
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How does a guest use myQ?

It’s so easy to use the myQ Guests feature and share your account with your family or trusted friends! … Both parties will need the myQ App (the feature is not available through the myQ website). All you need to do is send an invite, and the user will need to accept it within three days.

Can myQ control 2 doors?

The MyQ Garage can monitor and control two compatible door openers, but a second door sensor must be purchased separately for the second door opener.