You asked: How do I know what size bifold door to buy?

Measure the width of the opening at the top, bottom and middle. Measure the height on both sides and in the middle. Take the smallest measurements and deduct half an inch (the fitting tolerance) to get the size of the door you need to order.

What size bifold door do I need?

The minimum width is 16 inches for an odd number of doors and 28 inches for an even number of doors. The maximum height is 120 to 145 inches, or 10 to 12.08 feet. LaCantina Doors offers some helpful measuring tips for bifold doors.

What is rough opening for bifold doors?

The rough opening should be 49 by 82 for a 48-by-80-inch door. This allows for 1/2-inch-thick drywall on both sides and at the top, 80 inches for the doors and hardware, and a 1-to- 1 1/2-inch space under the door. The space between the floor and the bottom of the door may vary depending on the type of flooring.

Do bifold doors come in different sizes?

Bifold door standard sizes are usually 2090mm or 2100mm tall, only slighter taller than you’d find when fitting an internal door. … These doors come in 24-, 28-, 30-, 32- and 36-inch widths. The standard height is 80 inches, which you can trim to fit your closet’s opening.

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What is the rough opening for a 60 bifold door?

The inside dimensions of this jamb would be 60″ x 80 3/4″, which would give you roughly 3/8″ of space on the side of each door and 1/4″ in the middle between the two pairs… or about 5/16″ for all three clearances, if that is easier/or looks better. Then case both sides of the jamb.

Do bifold doors add value to your home?

Some experts estimate that bi-folding doors can add around 5-10% to the resale valuation of a property. There are a number of reasons why they’re so highly regarded by valuers: Unlike French and patio doors which have rigid widths, bi-folding doors can span several metres enabling a very vast opening to be created.

What’s the rough opening for a 32 inch door?

Measurements For Rough Opening

Rough Opening Width Rough Opening Height Door Size to Order
29.75″ – 31″ 81.5″ – 83″ 28″
31.75″ – 33″ 81.5″ – 83″ 30″
33.75″ – 35″ 81.5″ – 83″ 32″
35.75″ – 37″ 37.75″-39″ 81.5″ – 83″ 34″ 36″