Why does the speaker hesitate before answering the door in the Raven?

At first, then, the narrator doesn’t jump up to get the door because he’s dozing off, and it’s the middle of the night. Then, however, his imagination takes over, and he becomes fearful of who or what might be there. Finally, his “soul grew stronger,” and he leaped up to answer the door, but no one was there.

Why is the speaker afraid of the raven?

In the poem “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe, the speaker is so sorrowful because he has lost the love of his life, Lenore. In the beginning of the poem, the narrator is in his room (his “chamber”) trying to read but also dozing. He is grieving for Lenore, who has recently died.

What scares the narrator in the raven?

The raven symbolizes death, and the apparent demise of the narrator. The message of this poem revolves around love and grief. … His love led to grief, and grief is what destroyed the narrator. He goes crazy over his lost Lenore.

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How does the Speaker respond to the raven?

The raven represents “death”. Why does the speaker become angry at the raven? The raven will not answer any of his questions; he just says “Nevermore”. He believes that the raven has said that he will not hold Lenore in heaven.

At what time does the raven start knocking at the narrator’s door?

The tapping occurs in the past because of the time setting of the poem established by the opening remarks “Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary.” The tapping first occurs at the door. The narrator thinks there is a visitor at the door and hopes it is his lost love, Lenore.

What emotion does the speaker first greet the raven?

Therefore, the emotions that the speaker first feels when he greets the raven are curiosity, mixed with a bit of empathy, if not sympathy, for this animal who chose to enter his home only to look down on him as if he were a bringer of something supernatural.

What killed Annabel Lee?

The narrator of the poem declares that Annabel Lee died because their love was so strong the angels grew jealous and killed her. Poe wrote Annabel Lee two years after his wife died of tuberculosis at age 24.

What is the message of the raven?

The main message in “The Raven” is that we are haunted by our doubts, sorrows and fears. The poem depicts a young student trying to study on a dreary night. He can’t concentrate, because all he can think about is his lost love Lenore. Try though he might, he cannot distract himself from the lost love.

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What does the raven symbolize in the poem?

The titular raven represents the speaker’s unending grief over the loss of Lenore. Therefore, the primary action of the poem—the raven interrupting the speaker’s seclusion—symbolizes how the speaker’s grief intrudes upon his every thought. …

What does the speaker ask the raven about Lenore?

In the third-to-last stanza, the speaker gets more specific and asks the bird if there’s a chance that he can see his beloved Lenore in the afterlife. In other words, he’s asking if it’s true that his soul and the soul of Lenore will once again be joined after death.

What is the Speaker asking the raven to tell him?

Expert Answers

Toward the end of the poem, the speaker wants the raven to offer him some comfort. He asks, “‘is there balm in Gilead? —tell me—tell me, I implore!’ ” Balm of Gilead was a rare medicinal perfume from the Bible, but it now signifies some kind of universal cure.

What does the speaker in The Raven feel when he first thinks that Lenore may be at his door?

What does the speaker in “The Raven” feel when he first thinks that Lenore may be at his door? Terror and hope. … Lenore is so special that she is nameless in the speaker’s heart.

Why is The Raven so popular?

This story is very popular because it encapsulates the feeling of despair from losing something very close to you. People can also relate to this story because it allows the readers to follow a character through drastic changes, possibly changes that they are going through themselves.

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Why might the narrator whisper Lenore name instead of calling out to her?

Why might the narrator whisper Lenore’s name instead of calling out to her? He knows she is dead so he’s unsure.